Gold Star Referral Clubs  
Gold Star Referral Clubs is a business networking and referral marketing organization. Members meet in order to give and receive referrals for more business.

Todd Davis teaches how to invite visitors.
Your Gold Star  Referral Club will bring you more business by referrals. Your Gold Star friends and members become customers and advocates.
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Everyone loves referrals. Why?    
Over 90% of people surveyed prefer to be referred when they need a product or service and over 75% of those said that they used the person that they were referred to.
Create a never-ending stream of quality prospects and referrals. You can develop relationships with fellow business people who will gladly and consistently do business with you and refer their clients to you.  Influential relationships will lead you to business success. 

If you don't have a referral club in your city to join, start your own! Click on Start A Club.


You're exposed to over 3,000 marketing messages per day! Is your message lost?  Word of mouth marketing cuts through the clutter and gets straight to business.
A Gold Star meeting consists of quality business people that meet over breakfast or lunch in order to build relationships, grow their business and exchange referrals
You can visit a Club for free or even start your own group in your city or state. We have a turn-key system for starting clubs.
Contact Todd Davis 918-933-4866 to find out how to join or start your own referral group.

Gold Star Referral Clubs is a nationwide business networking organization that specializes in referral, word of mouth and business networking groups.

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