Does it Work? Yes!

Throughout the course of the week, most businesses run into people looking for services or products which they themselves don't supply.

Gold Star Club members connect the consumer or business to the needed business by way of a referral.  When you are part of a group of 15-30 business people who know what you do, and are actively listening to find referrals for you, this can add up to significant additional business for your business.

What if I don't know anything about business networking?

Gold Star will provide training. It is really a simple process.  Soon after joining a Gold Star Referral Club, you will begin to receive a series of emails on business networking called Network Success Training. They give full insight on how to increase your business and sales with Gold Star Clubs.

This will help you succeed in every way.

What if I can't make a meeting?

     Attendance is crucial to your success.  You may have someone substitute for you when you cannot attend.
     In fact, anyone over the age of 18 is a candidate to be a substitute for you. Invite them to attend your Club,
     and email them a copy of your 60-second presentation.

     When it's time, your substitute can stand up and read your 60-second presentation to the Club. If their
     industry is not represented in the Club, they can give their own 60-second presentation, too!

What is the Gold Star agenda like?

The Gold Star agenda is intentional. It is geared toward building business relationships and exchanging referrals.

Get there early for Business Networking Time - 15 minutes before everyone sits down.  During the meeting you will have an opportunity to give a 60-second presentation about your business, there is a Business Success Tip shared and one of the members will deliver a 10-minute presentation about their business.

One of the best segments of the meeting is when members actually exchange live referrals to each other. You will find the meetings full of positive upbeat energy in a Go-Giver environment.

What does it cost?

You can choose to pay annually, at $469.00, or monthly at $50.00 with no contract.
There is a one-time Administration Fee of $179.00.

Why weekly meetings?

We have weekly meetings because attending Gold Star is part of your sales strategy. Prospecting for sales is a continual process. When groups only meet monthly or on an irregular basis, they can miss multiple referrals and sales opportunities.

Why only one person from each profession?

Being industry exclusive makes sure that each person gets the maximum benefit from their membership. Gold Star Members are top professionals, who are backed up by references and background checks. When they become members, they lock out their competition in that particular club. 

Can I also participate in the local Chamber?

Of course! We encourage our members to actively business network in their local community, in the Chamber of Commerce and in service clubs.

Although, we ask that you not join any other "industry exclusive" groups once you are a member of Gold Star. 

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