The Gold Star Difference

"We're fun, friendly, and do serious business."
Gold Star members are Go-Givers.  Gold Star members embrace the Go-Giving culture taken from the best-selling book, The Go-Giver, written by Bob Burg and John David Mann. This culture of reciprocity is why Go-Givers sell more and have more fun doing it.    
You will experience a purposeful agenda that is geared toward giving and receiving referrals. Our visitors say, "It's fun, and you get a lot done."
Our Club meetings are not overly long.  Meetings only last a little over an hour, usually during breakfast or lunch.

You can Cross-Club.  You can visit other Gold Star Referral Clubs as much as you want as long as your industry is not already represented in that other Club.

Gold Star doesn't fine you for being late, for not giving a referral each week, or for even missing a meeting!

Gold Star Club leaders have easy guidelines to follow and only serve six months at a time.

You can start a Gold Star Referral Club anywhere in the United States. When you find 4-6 core members and a place to meet, we will help you get a club going.
Our attendance policy is understanding. You can use a substitute if you have to miss a meeting.  
We educate, train, and teach proactive networking skills. Networking Success Training is given via email free to every member who joins. Gold Star Corporate office, based in Tulsa, OK, and sends weekly business tips.
Every week the Club Business Coach teaches a networking success tip. Everything is online and easy to manage in the Member's Room.
We love inviting visitors.  Everyone kicks in to help build your club and to increase referrals.
Last but not least, we're happy to be different! Gold Star Referral Club members have contagiously upbeat attitudes.

We're having fun networking and passing business referrals.

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